How to keep your company culture alive while adapting to remote work

You feel the distance has changed things between your work teams? Follow these tips to maintain your organizational culture intact in a new era of remote work

How to keep your company culture alive while adapting to remote work. Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash.

What is company culture?

What is organization culture? Photo by, Unsplash.

What’s the impact of remote work in organizational culture?

In general and globally, the impact of remote work due to the pandemic has been positive. In fact, a survey by Quarts and Qualtrics assures that 52% of the surveyed employees felt more purposeful and up to 37% felt the company culture improved during the pandemic.

Tips to keep your company culture intact in spite of distance

Tips to keep your company culture alive despite the distance. Photo by Hybrid, Unsplash

1. Consider your team’s needs

Richard Branson, the legend behind Virgin Mobile, has a phrase that sums it all up: “Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your business”.

2. Define and communicate your culture

Even if it’s true that cultures are built, it’s also vital to lay the foundations and write them down to communicate it effectively.

3. Break any communication barrier

Openness and communication are the pillars for your teams to stay united. Even if there might be teams that are constantly in touch by talking or texting, there will be others that feel disconnected, which fosters incertitude and a feeling of isolation.

4. Meet online for more than just work meetings

At this point, video calls are not a new thing. But you can get out of the routine by making these sessions other than meetings, and turn them into experiences.

5. Look for tools that help you embrace change

Besides small day-to-day activities, a new way to work requires training your teams. Digital training will be your best ally, since it will not only help you adapt, but it will also simplify the task of onboarding new employees while you still work fully digital or hybrid.

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