Personalization: why a service experience is so important for your customers

Why offering a service experience tailored to your customer’s needs can completely change your business opportunities

Why offering a service experience tailored to your customer’s needs can completely change your business opportunities. Aleksander Vlad, Unsplash.

It’s undeniable that all service companies depend on and must tap into tech resources at hand to grow and offer better alternatives to their clientele. But, in between all available options, how to tell which platform or format would be ideal?

A clear fact is that even when there are a handful of online platforms and renowned brands, personalization is among the main elements to gain your customer’s trust and, with that, their loyalty.

But what implies and what value does it really offer to create services based on personalization?

What is personalization?

Personalization is a business strategy that aims to deliver a service or product experience tailored to the needs of a user.

In recent years, it has become one of the main trends for service providers, given that with tech development and an increasing competitiveness in several sectors, customers expect (and demand) more than just a generic product: they want a dynamic, proactive and solution focused experience that solves specific challenges.

In other words, your process is your product and you require creating it specifically based on what your clients need and want.

How to create personalized product and service experiences?

Having a full ecosystem that simplifies providing your service from a single accessible space is not just only an effective way to humanize services, but also a vital resource to attract and delight your customers.

But, how to begin? How to nimbly adapt your products or services while also doing so with your business model? How to avoid bad practices that compromise the security of your client’s information?

There is where tech solutions like Apprendo enter and simplify the task of creating experiences from digital services in a truly personalized way.

Based on our system, we share 4 basic recommendations to begin shaping your product with a personalization optic:

  1. Design a flexible and scalable product. A personalized product or service is not about creating from 0 the whole code or base of your offer every single time you get a new customer: it is knowing how to transform it to comply with specific needs from a single platform capable of adapting.
  2. Empower your user. Providing your user the freedom to access your products or services is key to really make the experience theirs. Make sure you give different options so they can define the right pace of experience.
  3. Let data help you improve your system. Analytics and indicators are crucial in all of your business phases, as well as for your product. Number provide a certain and unbiased view. From participants volume, to completion percentage. Turn to platforms that give you the capacity to manage and follow up on references, user progress and any other key result.
  4. Seek feedback. Only with feedback and information can you polish your offer and understand what a client really expects from services and products. Aside from strengthening an open communication with your customers through your sales and account management, include tools that reinforce your focus on customer service, as well as sharing direct feedback that can reach project leaders and managers.

Offer adaptable, scalable and personalized service experiences from one single place

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Author: Alexandra Ortiz