The skills service companies need the most nowadays

Creativity, problem solving and understanding how digital technology can be used: how to develop these critical skills inside your organization

Creatividad, resolución de problemas y entender cómo aprovechar mejor la tecnología: cómo desarrollar estas skills críticas dentro de tu organización. Foto:Hand photo, master1305 -

The skills service companies require the most nowadays. Image: master1305,

As we have talked about in past entries, in between the main key trends to companies nowadays, the skills of your talent are among your top priorities.

But, which are those characteristics that your teams exactly require? What are they focused on? and, above all, what resources, tools and strategies should service companies like yours implement to cater to today’s market needs?

The skills service companies need

Service industry is one of those that has better leveraged digitization… At the same time, it’s one of those that faces more challenges. Starting with abilities aligned to today’s market needs, but also with their work teams.

Which are the main ones? A recent report by PwC reveals that in our current context there are 3 key skills that companies require, specially to adapt to the new outlook and ensure business scalability:


Creativity is more than just “artists’” fuel. It’s the key to innovation, what deploys differentiators and competitiveness in business.

This skill refers to the ability of contributing, but also implementing new ideas against the challenges that a changing market imposes. In that sense, organizations also need to be open not only to welcome it, but promote it.

Problem solving

In hand with creativity, this skill refers to building resilience, as well finding new business opportunities. 

A crucial part of this skill is that it not only implies the capacity to “imagine” or “conceive”, but also to identify red flags, opportunity areas and problems, in order to later define a possible solution, test it, implement and assess results.

Understanding of how digital technology can be used

In a society immersed in tech, it would seem that each and everyone of us are comfortable with apps and basic software. But, actually, making the most of technology goes beyond digitizing documents and using social media.

Any skill rhymes perfectly with new technology when your talent knows how to think and work digitally, but also when they tap into all the tools before them.

Even when this depends greatly on your own practices it also requires upgrade and training efforts that help you initiate new ways of work.

Building skills: where to begin?

As PwC’s research stated, the availability of these characteristics is something that preoccupies and occupies CEOs and leaders from most global companies (in fact, 79% confessed to be worried about it).

Taking skill building from theory to practice requires a series of training initiatives that can mean a great deal to organizations, taking in consideration software, planning and costs that can intimidate any company. 

There is where solutions such as Apprendo simplify the task and can help you to accelerate your efforts to develop critical abilities for your talent and your organization’s growth.

By integrating in a unique collaborative space completely online, you can design, implement, carry out and follow up on all your training projects.

Develop the skills your talent needs to adapt and scale your business

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Author: Alexandra Ortiz