Increasing retention, upsell and improving relationships with clients and partners.



Solena delivers custom Agricultural BioTech products for the soil, adapted to the condition and needs of their clients crop and growth requirements. They are on a mission to restore soil in agricultural farming. Solena uses Apprendo to increase client’s retention and upsell their services with clients and partners.



Solena is growing globally and serving multiple clients with multiple crops and distributed teams. Solena provides unique solutions for each client, adapting their technology to the specific needs and challenges of the soil for each crop. With clients running hundreds of crops at a time and large teams, It is a big challenge for Solena to keep everyone on the same page. This presents communication challenges, which turn into lack of information and data for the client to make decisions. Having strong effects in retention and upselling.


The Solution:

Apprendo allows the Sales and Customer Success teams at Solena to create a unique space for each of their customers where they see progress on the service they contracted Solena for. Including a personalized workflow and process for requesting additional services like shipping, purchased orders or approvals. As a result, Solena’s clients are able to engage with the service delivery at any given time in the process, access to data and evidence of results, providing feedback and comments when needed.