The rise of Lifelong Learning: filling business needs for Continuing Education Departments

Why using a platform tailored to your business needs is a game changer for Continuing Education 

Photo by Ryan Jacobson on Unsplash

The Rise of Lifelong Learning:

Over the past decade and since the COVID-19 pandemic Universities, Colleges and companies have turned to online platforms to help continue “business as usual” and fill the gaps of their business needs.

In today’s market, there are numerous online platforms that offer online learning. Finding one platform to fit and encompass all the needs of your business model can certainly be difficult and has especially been tricky for many Continuing Education departments across North America. One of the biggest challenges for higher education is managing everything about learning effectively aside from the learning itself. This is one of the biggest issues for Continuing Education departments of Colleges and Universities.

Generally, the most voluminous activity in Universities and Colleges are centered on academic learning, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) implemented in these organizations targets the academic context.  Yet, many Continuing Education departments do not fit the higher education academic business model. As a result, Continuing Education departments in Universities and Colleges are always an exception to the rule as it is configured in the ERP and are forever looking for work arounds to get their business done.

A business model tailored to you (Continuing Education departments):

Over the past two years Apprendo has done significant work with Carleton University’s Lifelong Learning Program at the Center for Initiatives in Education to develop our solution to address the business needs of Continuing Education departments specifically.

Continuing Education departments require an excellent and simple learning development experience that includes all of the relevant learning tools to create a truly excellent learning experience for students.  Having a business model tailored specifically to your needs works to fill the gaps of other LMSs for Continuing Education departments and offers:

  • Tools embedded in the platform to generate program or course specific marketing  
  • Simple and clear ways for students to register for, schedule and pay for their courses
  • Physical location tracking to automatically assign space for in person classes, and publishing the location to all enrolled students automatically

Leveraging a tailored platform for your business results in excellent online learning experiences while adding value to students and programs. Lifelong learning is a growing trend in the world. People want flexibility around learning so that they need not take a break from their career or family life to invest in their own knowledge. Continuing education departments are best positioned to meet this trend. It’s time that Continuing Education departments had an operating platform designed for their success.

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