Tips to make your remote work and training sessions more productive and effective

Remote work and home office are here to stay. How to make sure your colleagues are receiving the training they need in the distance? Here are some tips and tools that’ll help you

Tips to make your remote work and training sessions more productive and effective. Photo: Yasmina H, Unsplash.

Home office: remote work is the new reality

After a year and a half of the pandemic, remote work, which seemed before very unlikely or accepted by companies, is now the reality to many organizations.

Studies actually reveal that home office has proved to be a model that brings better results and growth of up to 47% in terms of productivity.

Nonetheless, it is also true that some challenges still remain regarding work flow and that receiving new talent effectively requires tools that help breach the gap physical distance implies.

Distractions, flaws or communication blockage as well as lack of proper follow-up are only a few of the challenges that can hinder the flow in you training sessions. What can your training and HR teams do in that case?

Productivity tips for your team training

You have a training session coming up? These tips will help you to kick off your initiatives and better adapt to distance.

Basic “Etiquette” for video calls

Video calls are a vital part of home office, so establishing some basic rules to create a better pace and ensuring the communication is effective is necessary. We can summarize this “etiquette” in some agreements:

  1. Be early and verify in advance that you have a good Internet connection.
  2. Mute your microphone when you are not engaging and keep your camera on so other participants don’t feel ignored. Take all necessary measures for that, from your clothing to the background noise that could imply interruptions.
  3. Set a nice illumination and camera angle.
  4. Look directly at the camera and pay attention; when you are not invested it’s evident and demotivates others.

Adapt your content

A new way of work implies a new way to understand the way in which people interact and absorb information. In other words, it’s not only about how you deliver training, but also about how the content that’s being shared.

For example, trends like microlearning can be a great addition and front to improve your training sessions, as well as other graphic materials. 

Other dynamics that make your participants involved will avoid information blockages or situations in which some colleagues become confused or disconnected.

For example, you can make role playing games, group discussion sessions, videos or even contests. 

Look for the right tools

Despite being a great support, powerpoint slideshows or PDFs do not replace a full training course. Distance complicates a bit the follow-up dynamics or result tracking. Therefore, having tools that help you centralize everything will solve a great deal of the challenge remote work imposes.

Apprendo can be the solution for this dilemma. From a single platforma that needs no complex software skills, it creates learning experiences and training programs from a  single place.

From Apprendo you will be able to register, send notifications and develop all the content for your sessions.

You can also access relevant metrics about the training progress  of each participant.

This digital focus, in fact, can help you reduce up 70% to the time that it takes you to launch your training initiatives.

From a single space, you can create, manage and follow-up all your training efforts.

Book a demo and discover how we can simplify the task of incorporating and training your company’s talent, key to your growth.

Author: Alexandra Ortiz