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$ 499 USD Month
  • Unlimited End Users
  • 5 Admin-Level Users (Team Leaders, Content Creators, Managers, Supervisors)
  • Custom Automated notifications
  • 15 Dynamic fields
  • And More!


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  • Includes everything from Fledgling plus features personalized to your needs:
  • Customized Admin-Level Users
  • Custom Onboarding
  • Multiple Client Portals
  • Unlimited Web Forms,
  • Dynamic fields as needed
  • Unlimited people on the Waitlist
  • Compliance HeatMap

Apprendo AddOns

Client Portals


Admin-Level user



An Admin-Level user is a user with the permission to manage Teams, Create events, courses, training paths and content. They can use the back-end of the system, create custom catalogues, design forms, assign users and more. The main roles are: Account owners, Team Leaders, Event/Course Managers.

Yes! If you work with multiple clients you can create a curated list of content, events, online sessions relevant for each of your clients. Apprendo allows you to customize the experience for them through the Customer Portal functionality, each will have their own registration and login landing page. 


An end-user is anyone that joins your digital products and services, a learner and attendee or External instructor. Unlike other platforms we really want you to help you grow and build a long term relationship with you, for that reason we don’t limit the number of end-users that you can bring into your platform.


Apprendo is a Cloud Platform that scales to your needs, no limits on serving end-user interactions so far. 


Yes, you can track compliance and deliver the training in the same platform. A Beautiful Heat map report will show you where things are. 


Regarding content, you can think of apprendo as a way to create, upload and organize content while linking it with your services, events and training offers. For example, you can upload a video and have it available after a sequence of quizzes and documents 

We play always play good with third party software like Storyline, RISE and others related to content creation (Authoring tools) 


Yes, Apprendo serves small clients (50 users) to large corporate clients (150,000) users with multiple departments and multiple tenants within a single instance.


Yes, we can create an instance of Apprendo on a private cloud exclusive to your organization. Please contact us for more details.


No, Apprendo.io does not take an additional commision on the payment processing. The only commision that applies is the standard one form our default payment gateway (Stripe). 


You can receive your payouts weekly or Monthly.


Apprendo uses Stripe as the built payment processor, you don’t need anything else to start selling and receiving payments. Apprendo automatically creates a Stripe account for you and you can receive payments in all 44+ locations where Stripe already is available: https://stripe.com/global 

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Apprendo understands how important it is to keep your data safe. That’s why we make sure your workspaces can only be accessed by your community.

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We are focused on your organisational growth and understand that successful software requires a successful implementation. Whether it’s through email, chat, or on the phone, we’ll be there with the right answers to get your team on their way. 

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